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    what is covered by this warranty

    This warranty covers the following: all defects in the chassis, the frames, the wheels, the frame- and car seat adaptors, the zippers, the harnesses, the seams in the upholstery, the Velcro and the colour fastness of your Buggytime-product, with the exception of the below mentioned points.

    what is not covered by this warranty

    This warranty does not apply to claims and damage as a consequence of: normal wear, improper use, including, but not limited to improper storage and product maintenance and use of the product otherwise than indicated in the user manual, not observing the instructions in the user manual, abuse, neglect, improper handling or an accident, modification or adjustment of the product, damage after air transportation or freight, damage to the wheels, such as holes or cracks and incorrect assembly or installation of parts from third parties that are incompatible with the product.

    This warranty does not apply to any Buggytime-product of which the serial number is damaged or removed. Only damage and deficiencies are covered by the warranty. The warranty does not apply to possible claims with regard to dissatisfaction about the product in terms of size, weight, functionality, colour or design.

    what is the duration of the warranty

    This warranty is valid for the duration of two years from the purchase date, as long as you are the original buyer and owner of the Buggytime-product. You are required to keep the delivery receipt as evidence of the purchase. Replaced or repaired parts are covered by the warranty of the remaining period of the original warranty.

    how do i use the service

    If you want to make use of our service for your Buggytime-product, please contact info@buggytime.com.

    If you file a claim for the service, you are required to produce a copy of the proof of purchase, a description of the problem with the product and/or photographs of the product or the part that is broken or functions inappropriately.

    in what way does national legislation influence your warranty rights as a customer

    This warranty is exclusive, to the maximum extent permitted by law, and replaces any possible other warranties, either in writing or verbal, including but not limited to possible express warranties of marketability or suitability for a certain purpose. The period of implicit warranties, including possible implicit warranties of marketability or suitability for a certain purpose, are expressly limited to this warranty period. Your exclusive remedy for breach of such warranty or of possible implicit warranties of any other obligations, arising under the legislation or are otherwise limited to repair or replacement at our sole discretion, as specified in this warranty. Responsibility for incidental or consequential damage is expressly excluded.


    This warranty provides you with specific statutory rights. Possibly you have other rights, which vary from one country to another. Some countries do not allow limitations to the duration of an implicit warranty and/or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages. It is therefore possible that the abovementioned limitations and exclusions are not applicable to you.