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    Driven by passion for contemporary mobility, combined with future parenthood, the makers of Buggytime decided to develop qualitative, functional buggies at affordable prices for young families.

    In a market where large brands decide what’s happening and thus also about prices, Gideon the Graaf and planned on developing buggies which, based on quality and mobility, are the equivalent of the buggies which are currently offered at virtually unaffordable prices. They took a leap and after visiting a number of suppliers they decided to take their chance and set up Buggytime.

    Meanwhile they are active in several countries and it can be concluded that the formula Buggytime stands for, works: High-quality buggies including multiple accessories at very affordable prices, this in combination with a service no one can beat.

    Both Gideon and Aäron support their product 100% and hope to offer an even wider assortment in the future.

    Young entrepreneurs intending to assure both you and your child a pleasant, but above all, safe childhood.

    An idea that any young family has in mind for their child. We wish you a lot of pleasure from your purchase and hope to welcome you again in our web shop; it’s Buggytime!