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    Most important features

    The Buggytime SaNoa Treasure 1 with pram canopy.


    Het pram canopy of the pram protects your child against the harmful UV-rays of the sun and possible discomfort as the sun shines into its eyes. The canopy is made of a durable hydrophobic coating, so that it is also protective during rainy weather.


    The buggy is fitted with lined handles for optimal pushing comfort for parents. The light version has rotatable front wheels, allowing you full freedom of movement and to easily maneuver through doorways and aisles in shops. Thanks to the solid and robust design of the pram, it can be excellently used on different subfloors. The spacious buggy offers excellent comfort for your baby. The three-point-belt offers an optimal sense of safety at any time. After use, the buggy can easily be folded, so you can store it at home or in the car.

    Pram canopy

    Protects your baby against UV-rays of the sun. This way your child can be rode around carefree.


    The extra safe belt ensures that your child is in good hands. Especially designed to guarantee the safety.

    Foot brake

    The foot brake, which is easy to operate, ensures security and safety. You can bring the buggy to a standstill at any time by a simple push of the foot.

    Shopping basket

    Large shopping basket which provides space for up to 23 kilos of items.

    Front wheels

    The front wheels can rotate up to 360° and as such create optimal freedom of movement, which is ideal in, for instance small spaces and city life.


    Weighs only 7 kg and is easily foldable. As such it can easily be taken onto a plane, bus or in the car.

    How to install your stroller?