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    Baby modus
    Using the comfortable lounger, your child can sleep safely and carefree at all times.

    Toddler modus
    From 6 months on, the lounger can easily be replaced by a seat

    Most important features

    The SaNoa Comfort 1 is especially designed for you to benefit from the excellent quality that you may expect from a buggy. This model is multifunctional and solid and offers great comfort for your baby.


    The buggy is fitted with a very comfortable carrycot, providing your baby with everything he/she needs, especially during the first six months. After six months, this buggy can be easily converted into a practical  pram, by making use of the extra soft cotton inside. This pram develops along with your family.

    Adjustable handle bar

    Handle bar that is easily adjustable in height and degrees for you to adapt to your own length, to move comfortably.

    Foot brake

    The SaNoa Comfort 1 has a reliable solid foot brake, that ensures that your buggy can be entirely secured wherever necessary.

    Shopping basket

    Large shopping basket providing space for up to 23 kilos of shopping.

    Front wheels

    The front wheels can rotate 360° and as such they create optimal freedom of movement, which is ideal in, for instance small spaces.


    The carrycot, especially designed for your little baby’s comfort, can be easily replaced by the seat as your child grows older.

    Is your baby safe?

    At Buggytime safety is priority no. 1.

    The design and the materials were designed particularly to take your child from A to B in a comfortable way.



    Allow us to substantiate this


    large wheels

    The pram has a solid and robust design. Due to the large rear wheels and 360° rotating front wheels, it can be used on different subfloors. The SaNoa Comfort 1 always lives up to its name, whether you go for a walk in the woods or jogging on a bumpy road or walk on the beach.

    reliable click and fix system

    An important part of the Buggytime buggies is the reliable click and fix system. It allows you to easily change the position of your carrycot, easily store the buggy after use or replace the carrycot by a baby seat. Combined with the large wheels the safest ride for your newborn is assured.

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